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The most popular interventions he performed are: Hair Transplantation; Eyebrow, Eyelash and Chin Transplantation; Face Lifting; Mini Surgery of the face with “Aptos” thread and needle; Wrinkle removing with Botox and Filers; Eye Lid and Eyebrows Surgery; Nose Correction; Ears Deformity Correction; Chin Augmentation; Lips Augmentation; Breast Augmentation; Breast Reduction; Breast Form Correction- Mastopecsy; Male breast reduction- Gynecomasty; Liposuction; Body Shape Lifting- Dermolipectomy and Abdominoplasty; Aesthetic Corrections of Genital Organs- Hymenoplastic, Vaginoplastic, Labioplastic, Penis Enlargement; Skin Surgery and many others. He has more than 12 years of experience working with lasers (CO2, Er:Yag, Nd:Yag).He also performed all kind of laser treatments:
Buttock Augmentation  |  Abdominoplasty |  AptosThread Lift |  Beard Transplantation |  Blefaroplastic |  Breast Augmentation |  Breast Enlargement |  Breast Lift |  Breast Reduction |  Chemical Piling of face and Neck |  Classical Hair Transplantation With Minitransplants |  Correction After Classical Hair Transplantation |  DHT |  Double Chin Liposuction |  Eyebrow Lift  |  Eyebrow Transplantation |  Eyelashes Transplantation |  Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) |  Facelift |  Facelift (Rhytidectomy, Rhytidoplasty)  |  Forehead lift  |  Ginecomasty |  Hair transplant surgery |  Labiaplasty |  Laser Lipolysis |  Laser Strech Mark Treatment |  Laser Treatment of Hyperhidrosis |  Liposculpture and Liposuction |  Liposuction |  Lips Augmentation  |  Long Term Hair Removal with ELOS Technology |  Male Breast Reduction  |  Micro Hair Transplant |  Nose Surgery  |  Prominent Ears |  Reduction Of Donor Area |  Silhouette Fcelift |  Small Procedures for the Face |  Small Procedures for the Face |  Vaginoplasty |  Vaginoplasty |  Wrinkles Removing Procedures with Botox |