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When skin around the eyes loses its elasticity, eye lids become different, and that usually happens in the middle ages. There is skin excess, bags and sagging skin, and eyes look more tired and older. Skin excess sometimes passes the eye lids and fat tissue deforms lids and sometimes cause swells on the lids.  Aesthetic surgery of eye lids -blefaroplastic returns the fresh look to eyes and to whole face. After the operation, eyes look bigger and their beauty is more expressive.
Operation removes skin excess from the upper lid and wrinkles from lower, and fat skin too. Operation lasts one hour or two,depending how the operation is performed. We do cut on the upper lid, of about10mm beyond the border, and on the lower lid next to the eyelash.Blefaroplastic can be performed in combination with some other treatments, for example, in combination of face lifting. Aesthetic operation of eyelids we can combine with other aesthetic treatments, such as aesthetic nose correction,breast augmentation
Bepharoplastic is perfomed with intravenous anesthesia which means that patient is sleeping during the procedure and does not feel any pain. Before the operation patient is in the hospital in order to prepare.Operation lasts one hour and after that patient relaxes. After the operationpatient can go home.

Postoperative treatment is individual after the operation and it is lasts about seven days. The files are removed seven days after the operation and ten days after the operation patient can continue with his private and prof

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