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Hair transplant is a method which date from 1930 when Japanese's  Okuda and Sasagawa made their first successful attempts. However because of politics of that time,they have been isolated and the first recognized work was refer to Orentrich from USA in 1959 not only because of successful hair transplant but also because of presentation of knowledge of hair loss. That was the first time when someone said all about the causes of hair loss, especially at men.
Looking at the hair root at men with electronic microscope it is determined that there are some little species which are called receptors who are sensible on androgenic hormone from the group of Testosterone 5Alfa dihidrotestosterone which is tied with these receptors and that’s how he damages hair root, and hair becomes more thin, less quality and at the end fall when the root is completely ruined by hormones. That hormone like the others androgenic hormones excretes in the puberty, so, all the signs of hair loss are visible after beginning of puberty. This phenomenon is known as Androgenic alopecia, and 95% of all people who have a problem of hair loss, have this phenomenon. It is familiar by hair loss of upper part of head and behind the ears and on the nape there is no hair loss, because there are no receptors for androgenic hormones
There are two types of hair with and without receptors, and that is beginning for hair transplant. With hair transplant from the root of nape to the parts of head where hair fall it was acceded that hair grow permanent. The reasons are: Hair has not receptors for androgenic hormones and that root can’t be damaged, and the second reason is that tissue is own, so hair cannot be abandoned, which could happen if the tissue was of some strange person. This make conclusion that this procedure is absolutely safe and successful which people may see during the last 47 years. Also, there are other reasons of hair loss, but they exist in very small percentage (only 5%) and they concerned about skin head infection, and infection of the hair root with all bacteria, viruses, fungus, some deformities about development of hair root, skin atrophy by autoimmune sickness, malign sickness of skin head or treatment of other malign sickness by radiotherapy and cytostatics, and other head injuries. Hair transplant becomes the best choice at alopecia androgenic. Unfortunately, hair loss is also present at women in a small percentage, and it is manifested by hair loss on the upper part of head and it is usually genetic malformation. It is good that today both men and women can do hair transplant. Of course, technology changed during these years, and since 1959, but the essence is the same. At the beginning ( Norman Oretrich’s work)  there was Punch graft transplant which means skin transplant in diameter of 6mm, and there were 10-12 hairs with root but that technique wasn’t so good, because hair transplant was visible. In the meantime, technique become more improved and today we have so called hair microtransplant, where laser makes little holes in diameter of 0,6,mm and 0,9mm where can stand 1-3 hairs and no one can see that hair transplant was done. Thanks to this technology, percentage of success grows. Despite the statement that laser damages healthy hair (which world doctors consider unsuitable ) there are no evidences for that statement because laser is so precise, and also thanks to new ultra pulse technology there are no tissue damage neither hair and root damage. Advantage of laser technology which is used since 1997, and in our country since 1998 is in accuracy, speed and simplicity of method. Now, procedure is very simple, there are no bands, bleeding, scars, infections, everything is fast and very efficient and all modern clinics in the world use that method. Unfortunately, for poor and undeveloped countries laser is very expensive and they can’t afford it, so they work with outdated technology.

Concrete procedure consists of taking hair with the root from the nape usually, and sometimes from the side, because the root on these parts is insensible on androgenic hormones and that hair is implanted in place where the hair is thin. Part where are no hair is filled in two phases by successive augmentation of grossness or grossness at once. That procedure is painless and is done with eventual local anesthesia.  It may last from 1 hour to few hours depend to number of transplants, and the transplants number depend to the size of surface which must cover. In one square centimeter stand 35-55 transplants (55 transplants in diameter of 0,6mm who have 1-2 hairs with root and 35 transplants in diameter of 0.9mm who have 2-3 roots). By measuring the surface, transplant number is  defined and also duration of operation which lasts few hours of pleasant work and safe end.

DHT ( direct hair transplant)
This method is little different. Special pins take some hair from the nape or some other part and they are directly implanted in the place where we want. Seemingly, this method remains small scars, but disadvantage is in bigger percentage of damaged hair, and in smaller percentage in the level of grossness which leads to the higher cost. We do it on explicit demand of our patients.  In our program this method is used as addition and completing of operational program.

When the hair is implanted, few weeks have to pass (exactly 8-16) until the blood come to the root so that root can get all necessary substances and that hair continue to grow. That process is permanent and hair cannot ever fall and grow as all the other hairs. But you can expect post operational procedure which means removing the files from the nape. The file is removed on 10th day and by that procedure is completely finished if you don’t want to continue. Further procedure is necessary if surface area need to be filled in two operations because it is very difficult to fill big areas in one procedure. These procedures are also possible in active process of hair loss which cannot be retained by none modern medicine method. Literature concerned to this problem is very large so this is only small and terse part of introduction of modern laser hair transplant.
This method is very important that in 1990. professor doctor  Jospeh Muray from the University of Priston in USA won Nobel prize in Medicine with a theme: Modernization of hair transplant( that is, introducing microtransplant in procedure).

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