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Fat tissue is part of the human structure and with its quantity and position it affect on the body shape. Primary it serves as energy source and secondary it keeps body warm. Persons with normal weight have about 10-15 kg of fat tissue and corpulent persons in some extremely cases may have more than hundred kg of fat tissue. Fat tissue at persons with normal construction consists of equal number of fat cells and pathologically fat persons have big number of fat cells.

Big quantity of the fat tissue may cause two types of disorders: general obesity which means by time becomes serious psycho-physic illness and cellulite which usually presents only aesthetic problem and it is common in women. On some parts of female body exist already regions for fat tissue. They are: waist, elbows, ankles, upper arms and double chin. How it can be placed depends on two factors: genetics and food. Genetics locates placement and number of fat tissue which are created till puberty. After puberty their number is definitive. Food impacts on capacity and size of fat tissue (they are big in fat person and small with skinny.)


Laser liposuction is an operative method which selectively removes fat tissue. In the field of operation we initiate physiologic solvate which consist of instrument for capillary contraction. Instrument for capillary contraction enables reduce of blood absorption and aspiration of bigger fat quantity. Then, the tube is put through the small cut on the skin (3mm) and by vacuum it absorbs fat tissue previous melted by the laser. On this way, fat cells are removed forever from this place. NEW: Radio frequency assisted liposuction including skin probe with skin tightening.

It has to be mentioned that liposuction isn’t method of losing weight, but method of body shaping, and persons who are extremely fat and they have not other possibilities of losing weight, and have heart problems, they must reduce weight but moderately. That improves the life quality and the life in the hardest situations. Of course, as consequent, there is excess of the skin, but it can be done by lifting, when the patient agrees with that.


During the recovery, swelling is inevitable and is visible first few days after operation and it becomes smaller during 4-6 weeks. There are no wrinkles on the skin and the skin is adapted to the new surface. With older persons who have not enough elastic skin it is recommended to remove skin excess. It is better for these patients to rest during the first week after the operation and must wear special corset. Then in the three to four weeks patients may do usual activities but without physical activities with effort. The result of the liposuction are remarkable and constant and they are visible from three weeks to one month after the operation.

Laser liposuction is very popular aesthetic treatment not only with women but with men too. The earliest age for liposuction is end of the puberty, 18 years of age.
But liposuction is not recommended in the cases of general obesity when there are more than dozen kilos of fat tissue. But, with a diet, person may reduce fat tissue and after diet, operation may remove fat tissue or cellulite and give to the body new shape which is much nicer. Aesthetic surgery gives a possibility that every patient becomes and stays satisfied with his/her new look.

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