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Classic type of breast reduction operation (operative technique of inverse letter T) left ugly and leaves ugly and visible scars which could not be removed latter. With many effort, today we have new technique (Lejour) with vertical cut and minimal scar after the surgery. This technique was performed first time in Belgium.


With surgical method of breast reduction with this technique, scar is around thenipple so it is invisible. Vertical scar is below the nipple and this is around 5-9 cm long which depends of the breast size before the intervention. Regards to the classic method with inverse letter T, method of the short vertical scar gives better protection and corpulence to the breasts. With this method, beside diminution, breast can be also lifted.

This kind of aesthetic surgery is technically relatively simple and lasts shorter than other classic methods. Results are permanent. Advantages are: very good aesthetic result, surgery is relatively simple, recovery is fast and complication risk is low.

Operation is performed under the general anaesthesia and patient sleeps during the surgery so it means that procedure is painless.


Recovery is individual after the operation and it lasts about 10 days or two weeks. Files are removed ten days after the operation and two weeks after, patient can continue with her activities. Physical efforts are forbidden for one month after the operation.



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