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Breast augmentation is treatment where the breast is augmented with its tissue or with some other material, usually breast implant. Usually, the main reason for breast augmentation is that person wants to look better, and sometimes it is reconstructive surgery.

Breast as a sign of femininity and sexuality passed through different phases during society development with different views on “beautiful breast”. Different cultures look on a breast different, not only through degree of society development.

Today, every girl’s dream is that she has bigger breasts, and she can have that look in different ways. There are bras which hold up breasts, and they look bigger, there are different patches which can be put into the bra or on the breast, bras with extra volume, etc. But, that is just temporary solution. First breast augmentation with implants has been done 40 years ago. American surgeon Cronin did the first operation.

Till today, there are more and more women who decide to do breast augmentation. Today, there is big industry of verified and standard implants.

Silicone implants and malign breast diseases
Competent studies showed that breast implants don’t raise risk from malign diseases. One period, breast diagnostic didn’t follow trend of implants, but today, it isn’t problem, especially with implants bellow breast muscle.

Implants, pregnancy, breast feeding
Breast implants are not problem during the pregnancy. Smaller implant, smaller breast pressure. It depends on the skin.  If the volume is too big, there may come appear stripes, and during the time, breasts will look worse. In that case, women who have children have lot of possibility for breast augmentation, which doesn’t mean that these who haven’t been pregnant and didn’t breast feed don’t have also possibility of breast augmentation. Surely, in these situations, woman can breast feed normally. Breast feeding with implants isn’t much different from breast feeding without implants.  There are no silicones which go to the child’s blood, what was mistake one time.  

All is in agreement with patient and aesthetic surgeon, and it can be done in local anesthesia, but more often is used general anesthesia or combination.

Pain is medium, such as breast muscle pain, but today, there is a large number of analgetics, and with their help, it is doesn’t present big problem.

Age of woman and breast augmentation
There is no limit in woman’s age for breast augmentation. All depend on gland and skin, which changes during the ages, and it is different with every women.  Lower limit is 18 years.

Implants duration
New generation of implants has strong cohesive gel, strong membrane, which resists on mechanic damages, and it has special layer which keep silicone in implant. So, these implants are strong, stabile, and they don’t resist molecules of silicone. Older generation of implants had rare silicone gel, one layer, and they lasted for 10 years. It is important to mention that breast with implants changes faster than implants. Today, it isn’t necessary to change implants after 10 years, because they are lifelong, unless there is some other reason for operation.

Patient must be familiar with all the problems during and after operation, and he must sign agreement for operation at least 24hours before operation. Some of possible complications are:
Allergic reaction:   to anaesthesia or some other medicament before or during the operation- conservative therapy 
Infection:  conservative therapy, antibiotics
Stronger pain than usual: analgetic on doctor’s recommendation
Bigger swell after operation: ice, antiedemathose therapy
Infections caused by implants are very rare (0.1114%).
Contraction capsule / fibrosis: Creation of capsule is normal reaction on foreign tissue. Sometimes, shape and position of implants can be changed by capsule contraction. When capsules are strong, operation is recommended to remove them. 
Keloid reaction:  corticosteroids, compression therapy

 There are two possibility of implants position: above and below the breast muscle. If woman has thin skin or gland tissue, implants are put below the breast muscle, and implant isn’t visible, and woman has proportioned décolleté.

It’s very important that position decreases risk of creation of outline around the implant with breast deformation.
Operation technique is complex, postoperative treatment long, and pains are sometimes stronger.  

There are four accesses for breast augmentation with implants, and all that depend on:

• Breast size and Areole 
• Skin condition and fat tissue of the breast
• Implants size
• implants position
• Patient’s wish


It is relatively simple as a technique when it’s about smaller implants, and results are great. Today, some women don’t want that technique because scar is visible.


This method includes half part of the border of areole (brown part around the nipple) Scar isn’t so visible, and breast augmentation with this technique gives optimum for any position of implants.  With smaller breast, bigger implant is put, and bigger breast can be reduced by liposuction.

It is the most frequent technique at breast augmentation. Cut is very little and it is on the border of the breast, so it can be cover with any bra. Breast feed doesn’t bother contour of the breast and with this technique, implants of any size can be put.

This isn’t so frequent technique, implant is put by the endoscope control, and it must contain salt solvate. 

Postoperative treatment is individual after breast augmentation and lasts from ten days to two weeks. Files are removed ten days after the operation and two weeks later patient can continue with her activities but she must avoid any physical efforts one month after the surgery.

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