Our hospital is founded in 1993, with intention to do Aesthetic Surgery, which is the major activity, ant it is one of the first in South Europe. In the meantime, we expanded our activity and enabled our patients to do all analysis in one place, and in that purpose we formed diagnostic service with Laboratory, Ultrasound Diagnostic and Cardiology. In this way we want to insure our patients and give them maximum of comfort and discretion.

In 1998, in the purpose of better result, we bring in Ultra Pulse operative laser, the only of that kind in this area. In that way we achieve technological and competent level as in the world standards.

Comfort and service are accommodated to all patients who come with different needs, and all is subordinate to them and their discretion, and our competency contribute to our good results.

Good result and pleasant stay are result of high level of competency of everyone who is responsible to give exact information and a service, especially of Aesthetic Surgery and Laser Treatments which is the most wide-spread.

Operation room is good equipped with irreplaceable laser, is the essence of high level and high quality service, and our apartments for a short residence don’t look as clinical, and they give all necessary comfort and stability.

Our tradition and success in providing the cosmetics surgery procedures and laser treatments continues in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where we perform all kind of these interventions.
Buttock Augmentation  |  Abdominoplasty |  AptosThread Lift |  Beard Transplantation |  Blefaroplastic |  Breast Augmentation |  Breast Enlargement |  Breast Lift |  Breast Reduction |  Chemical Piling of face and Neck |  Classical Hair Transplantation With Minitransplants |  Correction After Classical Hair Transplantation |  DHT |  Double Chin Liposuction |  Eyebrow Lift  |  Eyebrow Transplantation |  Eyelashes Transplantation |  Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) |  Facelift |  Facelift (Rhytidectomy, Rhytidoplasty)  |  Forehead lift  |  Ginecomasty |  Hair transplant surgery |  Labiaplasty |  Laser Lipolysis |  Laser Strech Mark Treatment |  Laser Treatment of Hyperhidrosis |  Liposculpture and Liposuction |  Liposuction |  Lips Augmentation  |  Long Term Hair Removal with ELOS Technology |  Male Breast Reduction  |  Micro Hair Transplant |  Nose Surgery  |  Prominent Ears |  Reduction Of Donor Area |  Silhouette Fcelift |  Small Procedures for the Face |  Small Procedures for the Face |  Vaginoplasty |  Vaginoplasty |  Wrinkles Removing Procedures with Botox |